Web Design / Development

Storm Tracker application screenshot

Milestone Systems Theme and Plugin Development

We just completed coding a new theme for Milestone Systems as well as a custom plugin for management of their training system on a very tight budget. The new theme also includes an e-commerce part of the training system, so security was important. The custom plugin was developed to fully manage the training application section of the website. It allows the team to easily manage courses, locations, sessions, registrations, and payments with a fully searchable table system.

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Storm Tracker application screenshot

Pro Vision Construction & Remodeling Website Redesign and DVD

Pro Vision Construction & Remodeling's website needed an updated look. I designed and coded the new site from scratch. The new site included several javascript widgets, a flash based easily updateable gallery system, a interactive DVD with designs, and two standards compliant PHP forms for contact and estimates.

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Patrick McGovern's Website Front Page

Patrick McGovern's Website Programming ( thisClicks.com project)

Using the codeIgniter framework I developed a completely updateable website and backend system. I used standards based HTML code and PHP5. The design was created by a thisClicks Designer. It features specials of the day, text messaging alert system, a mailing list system, a javascript photo gallery, an event system coupled with Xcel's webservice event system, and a full custom content management system.

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PixelRobotic Web Design Development Thumb

Pixelrobotic.com Freelancer Collective

Pixelrobotic.com is a site we are using to showcase work I and a couple other designers I work with frequently are using to show work we built together.

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Web Design Development

Redesign of ResortsandLodges.com with Banner Galleries and Video

Developed XHTML, CSS, and interactive flash media for the updated resortsandlodges.com, a site that connects travelers with vacation resorts. The updated site includes a new thumbnail viewer with a video player included in each listing, giving the user a quick introduction to each resorts. Also developed a expanding interactive banner ad that users can interact with to learn more about the resort. Each player and banner is connected with a sophisticated tracking system using omniture.

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Content Management System Development

Trans1 Drupal CMS Frontpage

Trans1 Medical Website Developed with Drupal at thisClicks.com

While working at thisClicks, I developed a website for Trans1 medical device company. I utilized Drupal as a content management system. I was able to modify the backend to allow multiple tabs of content on a per page basis. This site also features a lightbox esque video gallery, clean urls, a multi-tiered menu system, contact form, event system, and a customized backend that lets trans1 manage its own content.

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Multimedia / Flash Development

Storm Tracker application screenshot

Stormtracker: An Interactive E-Learning Multi-Player Flash Application

Developed a large scale flash game / simulation to teach students the process of hurricane prediction and preparation. This app is completely dynamic running off of XML and CSV files to allow for limitless storm sequences. It utilizes the latest flash video technologies. It will also allows for two students to work together on the same storm instance from miles away. One student acting as the forecaster and the other reacting to those predictions planning for the affected cities. This project was created under Eduweb, a great e-learing company, for Jason Science.

Click here for a video of the game play

Resound: Interactive Training

ReSound: Desktop Application developed at thisClicks

I developed a training DVD that shows audiologists how to select hearing device components for their patients while working at thisClicks. It features a custom video player and navigation menu.

Indiewood Pictures Flash Site

Indiewood Pictures Flash Based Site

I developed an easily updateable flash site for Indiewood pictures that allows them to showcase their upcoming and completed films and includes a video player for the trailers. This site also includes sections for all the general information about the company and its employees. I am still waiting on content for some of the films and a graphic they want to use for the upper header.

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